With so much negativity in the world, it’s hard to find a moment of peace in our day-to-day lives. That’s why we turn to music, television, movies, quotes…constant reminders that keep us together for moments at a time. In other words, we all find our ‘happy place’ to run off to.

According to Oxford Living Dictionary, a ‘happy place’ is defined as: “a place which a person associates with happiness, visualized as a means of reducing stress, calming down, etc.; (hence) a happy state of mind.”

I have found that I turn to various quotes, television shows, and music when it comes to calming down. I hope that by sharing some of my favorite stress-relievers that it helps you find your own ‘happy place’ in this crazy world.

So, please…take a second to explore the site. Who knows? You may find something new to dive into.

“Life can suck at times, but remember there is always a new day – the next day. And that ‘next day’ could be the first day of your string of awesome days.”
– Joe Gatto (via hisĀ Traffic Cams)