What is Your ‘Happy Place’?

The idea for this website came from listening to the Heffron Drive song “Mad at the World”. The song’s meaning is pretty self-explanatory. So many of us are ‘mad at the world’, per say. While we’re busy cursing out every little thing that seems to be going wrong in our day-to-day lives, we are missing everything truly going on around us. We’re too busy typing heated discussions into our phones instead of looking up. We’re too busy stressing out about the past instead of enjoying the moment we’re in. So while I was listening to this song, an idea developed. Why don’t I make a website that displays what I have in my ‘happy place’? Why don’t I share the things that help me in this chaotic world?

“Is anybody listening? I’m screaming these words at the top of my lungs. I’m ready to run, I could really use a win right now. I’m mad at the world.”

The purpose of this website is to simply share quotes, music, laughs, and general positivity.  I will be sharing some of my favorite things in hopes that it either inspires you, helps you, makes you laugh, or maybe you’ll discover something new along the way.

Best Wishes,
Jenny Shapiro

If you’re interested, here is the music video for “Mad at the World”.

Heffron Drive: Kendall Schmidt – Vocals & Guitar Dustin Belt – Lead Guitar Directed by: Wesley Quinn
TOLbooth Records

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